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THE ARGUS GROUP has been in business for 25 years, earning its reputation as a stable and reliable resource for borrowers and investors alike.  The foundation of The Argus Groups’ longevity and success is built on relationships.  Many of our clients, both investors and borrowers, have been doing business with The Argus Group for decades, and each receives attention personalized to their individual needs.  Your calls will always be personally addressed by a member of our team, never sent to an automated phone system or interactive website for answers.  Our experience and consistent approach to secured lending and investment assure our clients that they are receiving quality loan and investment products.

THE ARGUS GROUP has originated more than $500 Million in loans secured by real estate, and serviced close to $700 Million in loans.  Loans can be arranged on most investment property, including construction/rehab projects, commercial and industrial buildings, multi-family, subdivisions, and non-owner-occupied single family residences.  We loan to corporations, LLCs, developers, landlords, and individuals, approving loans based on value and equity, rather than credit.  Investors include individuals from all walks of life, family trusts, pension and employee benefit plans, self-directed IRAs, and businesses. Our loan programs provide much needed capital for borrowers, and secured investment opportunities for lenders.

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