Trust Deeds provide an opportunity for investors to earn investment yields just as the banks do- through making asset based real estate loans. Sometimes thought of as a mortgage, California uses Trust Deeds. You can be the lender, or one of the lenders, providing financing to a borrower who is using their real estate as collateral. THE ARGUS GROUP arranges these loans based on equity rather than credit scores, with the equity (value percentage of the real estate after consideration of the loan) being the primary investment protection. Your name appears on the Deed of Trust recorded in the County where the property is located, giving you a secured interest in the real estate, just as your bank may appear on your home mortgage. Just as with a home mortgage, if the borrower defaults on their payments or obligation, you may now acquire the property through foreclosure, and sell it to satisfy the debt.

How Do I Invest?

You must be a California resident to be eligible. You may invest personally, as well as through a qualified retirement account. Each loan is a unique investment and is NOT part of a mortgage pool. This gives you the freedom to choose for yourself between different loan investment opportunities.

You may invest by financing an entire loan, or partially investing, along with other investors, each named with their designated percentage of ownership on the recorded Deed of Trust. All funds are placed in trust accounts, and under the supervision of the California Bureau of Real Estate.

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Investor Information

If you are an experienced Trust Deed investor, you already know that this is an opportune time to invest. Trust Deed investments provide some of the highest available passive investment yields in todays’ marketplace, while providing you with tangible real property as security for your investment.

If you are first learning about Trust Deed investment, you couldn’t have picked a better time to begin. Start with this publication from the California Bureau of Real Estate, which provides an education into the trust deed investment process, procedures, and risks. If you would prefer a mailed booklet of this publication, please call or email THE ARGUS GROUP, and we will be happy to send you one by mail. 

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